Cabo Delgado Family Farming Development Program

Cash Crops

Summary: The local partner responsible for agricultural management is Plexus Mozambique (PML), which has a long experience in the field. In this campaign, PML has began a work in Chipembe Farm, which is a public land with PML’s concession and consists in 600 hectares of family agriculture.

Goal: to increase production and yields per hectare, and the production by each farmer
through the use of improved inputs, good agricultural practices and mechanization

Main achievements: each one of the 200 farmers have accessed to three hectares in average, where in each hectare will produce one of the following crops: cereal, legume or cotton. The harvest is already happening and PML is evaluating the production and yield of each one of the crops.

Crop Area (hectare) 600 ha
Maize 230 ha
Cotton 200 ha
Bean 80 ha
Rice 25 ha
Others 40 ha
Horticulture 25 ha


Summary: To implant a natural production model with emphasis on horticulture. The system used is in a mandala format, where the standard area is 50 x 50 m, totaling 2,500 m² each model.

Goal: Increase the diversity of food crops, including cereals, vegetables and some forest and fruit species in order to guarantee food security for the villagers.

Main achievements: growth of lettuce, eggplant, pepper, sunflower; production of biofertilizer.

Agroecology Training

Summary: The technical training course in Natural Agriculture was carried out directly in the communities where, through theoretical-practical classes we can guarantee the learning and replication of this model by any participant, regardless of their academic background level.

Goal: guarantee on the medium to long term the transition from conventional agriculture to natural agriculture through agroecology training and cooking workshops.

Main achievements: training and workshops in natural agriculture; cooking workshops.

Cooperative Creation

Summary: PNI hired the Associação Moçambicana para Promoção do Cooperativismo Moderno (AMPCM) to set up the cooperative, do the cooperative training for the farmers and other activities related, including cooperative good governance, registration process, practical exercises and legal assistance.

Goal: Create a agriculture cooperative with 230 farmers; build the Guy Reinauld Training Center as a HQ for the coop.

Main achievements: Mobilization of the farmers, workshops and beginning of cooperative registration process.



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