Keynote peech at the Scottish Parliament about Financing Climate Change - GLOBE at Cop 26, November 2021

Pro Natura and the company Total Energia Sustainable Development Program Nigeria - Akassa - Niger River Delta

2010 - Prêmio Trip Transformadores

“Environmental activist Marcelo Andrade is the only Brazilian highlighted as one of the visionaries of our time in the book The True Visionaires of Our Times, by German journalist Martin Haeusler. Born in Belo Horizonte, Marcelo, 52, created Pro Natura in 1986 and became one of the country’s pioneers in the defense of sustainable development.”

2015 - Pamas, Tocantins - Brazil - World Indigenous Games

2017 - Cartagena, Colombia International Finance Corporation IFC -Taking It to the Streets "New Protocols for Regional Growth"

2018 – TEDxTukuy Lima / Peru – "Hacia una nueva relación entre empresas y comunidades"

“In this talk, Marcelo de Andrade talks about a solution that can end social conflicts and benefit companies and communities: the shared value platform. Instead of seeing the interests of communities and companies as opposed, Marcelo tells us how fruitful relationships are being built in the Amazon that allow creating value through cooperation.”

2019 – International Finance Corporation IFC- In Their Own Words

“In a conversation recorded with support from StoryCorps, Pro Natura International Founder Marcelo de Andrade speaks with Hector Gomez of IFC about how they worked together to invest in – and protect – the Brazilian Amazon.”

2020 - TV Empreendedor

“TV Empreendedor enterview Marcelo de Andrade – Founder and President Pro Natura International”


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