The Shared Value Platform (SVP) exists to support this process – to develop thriving regional economies and unlock nature-based enterprises and financial flows that benefit ecosystems and communities. SVP supports biodiversity-rich landscapes and the communities who enhance the ecological, social, and economic value of these regions, helping them accelerate nature-positive enterprises and attract blended capital to realize their full environmental, economic, and social potential.

SVP, within the methodology developed by Pro Natura International (PNI) and International Finance Corporation (IFC), implements socioeconomic projects that adapt to local needs, realities and vocations, according to the following criteria:

– Continuous collaborative construction with producers and partners;

– Articulation of strategic partnerships (Government, Enterprise and Organized Civil Society);

– Financial engineering to ensure project sustainability “solution scale” and increase socioeconomic impact;

– Respect for the local environment and culture;

– Income Generating;

– Improvement of quality of life

SPV Partners​


Can Large Scale Projects Actually Improve Quality of Life While Protecting The Envirounment?

Much of the historical and forthcoming economic growth in emerging markets has been driven by large-scale projects, especially in extractive and infrastructure sectors. While this development model has increased GDP, it has caused also ecological damage, social unrest and economic concentration at the local and regional level. 

The SVP aims at taking advantage of large-scale investments to generate and share value with the communities at the bottom of the pyramid.

Why Are We Different?


Local communities at center of participatory consultation, design and execution process, creating legitimacy in all actions carried out in the territory.


Proliferation of climate-friendly social ventures with large-scale potential and demonstrable regional economic benefit.


Blended finance structure leveraging philanthropic and impact investment capital to exponentially increase social, environmental and financial returns using a systemic approach.


Integration of pubic, private and civil input, with a focus on inclusion and empowerment of vulnerable groups (i.e. women, youth, indigenous and traditional communities).

Blending Innovation And Know-how To Maximize Development Impact

Improved quality of life at the bottom of the pyramid, delivered through economic anchors and productive infrastructure, addressing opportunities and needs.
Carbon-conscious economies, through regional deployment of innovative green business models, from agriculture to energy.
Increased local education, employment and engagement, through corporate partnerships, value chain development and support of local governance structures.
Significant risk mitigation for large-scale investments, unprecedented positive media coverage and relationship building with local stakeholders.