Pro Natura’s earliest roots emerged in the 1980’s during expeditions held in some of the most remote corners of the world. At that time, a visionary group of multi-disciplinary experts, led by Pro Natura’s Founder, Dr. Marcelo de Andrade, encountered excessive pollution, situations of extreme poverty and rampant deforestation in regions of the highest biological diversity. 

During this period, there was already a robust environmental conservation movement in the world, focusing on awareness campaigns and nature preservation projects. Pro Natura was created as a contribution to solving these problems and attacking its cause – inconsequential economic development.


Over the last 35+ years, Pro Natura has operated in some of the most severely challenged environments in 50+ countries – consistently producing significant and lasting results in every territory it has engaged with. Our strategy and actions consist of systemically stimulate environmentally sound, socially just and inclusive economic development in sensitive and underprivileged regions around the world. Later, this approach would be known as Sustainability, making Pro Natura one of the pioneers of the area in the world. 

Along the way, we have been honored to be the recipient of the United Nations Leader in Sustainability Award, Mitchell International Award, and the World Petroleum Congress Award for Excellence in Social Responsibility, amongst many others.


  • 1985

    Pro Natura Brazil foundation

    Expedition: Aconcágua 1

  • 1986

    Program: Juruena

    Expedition: Pantanal

  • 1992

    Pro Natura Internationalization

    Recognized as leader in the Sustainability sector by UN Rio Earth Summit

    Recognition: Marcelo de Andrade as Citizen of honor of Juruena (MT)

    Expedition: Aconcágua 2

  • 1993

    Award: Royal Geographical Society (UK)

    Award: UN Earth Day International

  • 1994

    Program: Camisea (Peruvian Amazon)

    Expedition: Africa

  • 1996

    Expedition: Treetops Rafts series (1996 a 2003) 

  • 1997

    Program: Delta Niger

    Award: George and Cynthia Mitchell International for Sustainable Development delivered by the US National Academy of Science (Nobel Prize for Sustainability)

    Award: Sustainable Development: 100 Brazilian Experiences

  • 1999

    Award: Altran Technology Innovation (Biochar)

  • 2000


    Recognition:Time Magazine / CNN, Marcelo de Andrade is named Latin America Leader for the MDGs

    Recognition: Isto é magazine, Marcelo de Andrade is appointed Leader in the field of environment and sustainable development for the next millennium

  • 2003

    Recognition:Pro Natura is considered "Federal Public Utility“ in Brazil.

    Pro Natura is still the only NGO in the area of sustainability with this status

  • 2005/2006

    Expedition: Our Planet Reviewed series (1996 a 2016)

    Award: Excellence in Social Sustainability by World Petroleum Congress

    Award: CWC for Excellence in Sustainable Development

    Both prizes for the partnership in Project Akassas for Statoil (Nigeria).

  • 2009

    Program: Jirau

    Recognition: Marcelo de Andrade is one of the highlights of the book: "The True Visionaries of Our Time" written by Martin Häusler

    Recognition: Marcelo de Andrade is featured in the book "Beyond Sustainability - Creating a Culture of Leadership" by Wilford Wench

  • 2010

    Award: Changers of the Year by Trip magazine

  • 2012

    Program: Marajó

  • 2013

    Program: Salgueiro community

  • 2014

    Recognition: Ambassador of Innovation and Sustainability of the State of Tocantins

  • 2015

    Expedition: Rondon Rooselvelt Águas do Mundo

    Recognition: Special Ambassador of the Indigenous Peoples' World Games

  • 2016

    Program: Tapajós

    Recognition: Ambassador of Innovation and Sustainability of the State of Mato Grosso

    Recognition: Citizen of Honor of the State of Mato Grosso

  • 2018

    Program: Cabo Delgado Mozambique

    Program: Minas Gerais

  • 2019

    Program: Moquegua Peru