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Health, Education & Prevention in the Amazon - a mission

Helping those who need it most

In an unprecedented action called “Health Mission in Marajó”, Pro Natura International in an intervention aligned with the Health Department of Curralinho will mark the beginning of a paradigm change in the health of the riverside people. In partnership with Volunteer Vacations agency, a group of researchers and volunteer doctors will be sent to Curralinho, in Marajó archipelago, State of Pará, in the middle of the Amazon environment. They will work in collaboration with the local population, Health Department and other local entities, providing medical assistance, as well as education and prevention actions.


The solutions we propose are focused on the community and include several simultaneous actions. More than 500 individual medical attendances are planned, and several workshops will be promoted to raise awareness about Self-Care, given the high number of cases of diarrheal diseases derived from the consumption of contaminated water. There will also be training actions for local leaders and reinforcement of training for local health agents working in the region, under the guidance of Dr. Luiz Vilanova, also a doctor at Doctors without Borders (Médecins sans Frontières), with numerous experiences and missions around the world.


Also as part of this mission, we will carry out a research for digital inclusion with the objective of defining a future action plan, on the use of digital platforms adapted to the Amazonian way of life, that will make the field work of health agents more efficient. The adoption of the use of these technologies makes it easier to access information, to analyze and collect data, and to modernize processes, leading to a significant reduction in operational costs. In a region where geography is highly penalizing because of logistical barriers, the use of technological tools will be the solution to many issues, and can facilitate access to many services, essential to the riverside population, such as health.

mission numbers

small gestures, big impacts

This Mission to Health in Marajó will take place at final October of this year and needs support in the amount of 60,000 US$ (sixty thousand dollars, or 330,000 R$ (three hundred and thirty thousand reais), in order to achieve all its proposed goals.
By contributing this amount, you will sponsor one of the most important experiences in changing the operationalization of the health sector in an Amazonian community with the lowest HDI in Brazil. Our mission may become a successful model that can be scaled to other communities.

What is the social transformation and impact that we propose

Awareness raising, health literacy, prevention. Each community member is empowered to respond to the identified challenges. By strengthening the sense of belonging, we make people care. By involving the community in this action, we make them responsible and agents of their own cause.
We are certain that our intervention, in accordance with the objectives proposed by the current Municipal Health Department, will mark the beginning of a paradigm change in the health of the riverside people! This will be the first of other missions whose objectives will be to create the best conditions of their access to health care.

matter of urgency

COVID-19 pandemic in its magnitude of affect has further emphasized the numerous discrepancies and fragilities that societies have been facing for years, and vulnerable communities are still affected by the uncertain framework we are facing.
Since this is a region whose main source of income is the extractive activity, the impacts of the pandemic caused directly on the family farming chains represent, on the one hand, the loss of an important source of food, on the other hand, they also represent a loss of livelihood capacity of the farmers themselves who, in a situation of vulnerability, submit themselves to dependency, to the search for alternative economic activities, to rural exodus, and to the consequent precarious urbanization.

interested in being part of this change?

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