Date: 2010 – 2012

Location: Nova Mutum Paraná, Rondônia, Brazil

Main Characteristics / Economic Driver: Hydroelectric plant impacting socially, environmentally and economically the surrounding communities.

Objective: Creation of a Sustainable Socioeconomic Model for the Nova Mutum Region, respecting its vocations, expectations, preserving its biodiversity and local culture. Creation of a Sustainable Agroecological Pilot Project – Integrated Experimental module of fish farming and organic agriculture

Pro Natura’s Role: Manager, Coordinator, Articulation and Engagement of residents and partners

Achievements: Integrated Experimental Module of Fish Farming and Organic Agriculture, as an emergency action – professional qualification, employment and income for workers belonging to the 50 families that were relocated to Vila Nova Mutum Paraná due to the implementation of the Jirau Hydroelectric Plant; Generation of immediate income, high profitability and low environmental impact, using the fish feses to fertilize the gardens, in an integrated model; Ready for scaling

Partnerships: GDF Suez (AHE Jirau), Biofish, Agrosuisse

– Fish farm 2 ha tank: approx. 33% IRR
– Agro 1 ha: approx. 12% IRR
– Combined Fish+Agro: approx. 41% IRR
– Over 10 modules: approx. 55% IRR