Rio de Janeiro

Salgueiro Community

Starting Date: 2013

Location: Pilot Area – Salgueiro Community, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

Economic Driver: No economic driver/ Communities in the center of cities with low-income population

Program Goals: Creation of a Sustainable Socioeconomic Development Model for urban communities (slums/favelas) of Rio de Janeiro respecting its vocations, expectations, preserving biodiversity and local culture

Pilot Project Objectives: Creation of a Sustainable Socioeconomic Development Modelo for the Salgueiro Community (Se Liga Salgueiro Project) as a pilot to be replicated in other urban communities of Rio de Janeiro

Pro Natura’s Role: Idealizer, Manager, Coordinator, Articulator

Achievements: Participative assessment of the territory, identification and engagement of stakeholders and preliminary selection of anchor business chains; Dialogue Workshop with PUC-Rio;

Implementation of 2 initiatives: Radio and Community Garden; Participation of residents in city events and forums.

Next Steps: New Generation Hub – Youth Leadership / Beginning of the Local Development Agency

Partnerships: P&G; Light; CIEDS; PUC-Rio; Oxford University; SMAC; Comlurb; IPP; Subprefeitura da Grande Tijuca; ACIT; Jequitibá; Policlínica Granato; Escola de Rádio; Raízes.

Manguinhos Community

Starting Date: 2016

Local: Manguinhos Community, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Economic Driver: No economic driver/ Young people from socially vulnerable communities in Rio

Program Goals: Starting from the “Rio Pact”, the objective is to promote and monitor the sustainable development of the Rio de Janeiro Metropolitan Region following a set of articulated commitments that seeks to align the population’s objectives with those of public agencies, private partners, civil society, the academy and research centers and international organizations

Project’s Objetives: Training of young residents of Manguinhos – as Citizenship Promoters – on citizenship and entrepreneurship to act as mobilizers in the community, developing the territory and establishing young local leaders

Pro Natura’s Role: Coordinator, Articulator

Achievements: 10 young people trained to act as multipliers in their territory – “Promoters of the Citizenship of Manguinhos“

Next Steps: Elaboration of “Life Projects” of the 10 Promoters, Elaboration of a Project for Community

Partnerships: Icatu Seguros, Coca Cola, Nike, Cariocas em Ação , Unisuam, IEG, Instituto Afortiori, D-Think