Date: 1994 – Current

Location: Camisea, Peruvian Amazon

Main Characteristics: Greater biological diversity of the planet, 38 indigenous tribes; Largest
reserve of natural gas in the world in operation; 300km x 300km without road (treated as
offshore project)

Objective: Creation of a Sustainable Socioeconomic Model for the Peruvian Amazon Region,
respecting its vocations, expectations, preserving its biodiversity and local culture

Pro Natura’s Role: Idealizer, Manager, Coordinator, Articulator of Partnerships,
Implementer, Financial Engineering Structuring, Fundraising

Achievements: Largest exploration natural gas project in the world – 19 wells joined by
buried pipelines; Legacy in the form of 50-year planning and a Business Plan for 5-year
regional economic development; Consolidation of the Social Capital Group – consulting in the area of mining and oil

Investment: +USD 36 million

Partnerships: Shell, Smithsonian, Universidade del Pacífico, Social Capital Group

Prizes: Mitchell Prize – 1997 – considered the Nobel Prize for sustainability