Starting Date: 2018.

First Pilot Location: Lomas de Ilo, Moquegua.

Main features / economic driver: Desert region where there is an irrigation project that will expand the arable area in a state with little agricultural supply and an economy dependent on mining. A large mining project is being built in Moquegua and another mine is already in operation.

Project Goals: Implementation of the Shared Value Platform for regions surrounding large mining projects in Peru, promoting the diversification of the country’s economic matrix.

Pro Natura’s role: Management and articulation of strategic partnerships, field management, implementation and support and elaboration of the financial engineering of the program, including fundraising.

Achievements: promoting the methodology of the Shared Value Platform as a Peruvian government program, forming a network of stakeholders at the national level, including the largest mines in the country, and preparing a feasibility study for the olive oil chain and other complementary crops in Lomas de Ilo.

Investments: US$ 320,000

Partnerships: IFC, Water Resources Group, Peru Government, Anglo American, Antamina, Crecer Institute, Sunkai, Innova Rural and Moquegua Government.