Marajó Island Sustainable Development Program

Starting Date: 2012.

First Pilot Location: Curralinho, Marajó Island, Pará, Brazil.

Important Characteristics / Economic Driver: Riverside communities considered as vulnerable groups; one of the worst HDIs in Brazil.

Program Goals: Creation of a Sustainable Socioeconomic Development Model for the Marajó mesoregion respecting their vocations, aspirations, preserving their biodiversity and local culture.

Project Goals: Creation of a Sustainable Socioeconomic Development Model for the municipality of Curralinho as pilot to be reapplied in other municipalities of Marajó.

Pro Natura’s role: Management and articulation of strategic partnerships, field management, implementation and support, and elaboration/capture of the program’s perennial financial engineering.

Achievements: family farmer cooperative (Sementes do Marajó) with 2 years in operation and 48 members; Telecentro built for digital inclusion and classes in progress; Workshops of formation of the Liga da Cultura, events and 2 great cultural exhibitions (2015 and 2016) strengthening a collective of representatives of the Marajoara arts and culture.

Next Steps: Develop business plans for the açaí production chain (processing and logistics) and other tropical fruits of commercial value, plan production alternatives in the off season, certifications and increase of the cooperative’s customer base; Plan new content and internet at the Telecentro; Seek partnerships and fundraising for workshops and events of Liga da Cultura.

Partnerships: Sescoop, Peabiru Institute, Curralinho city hall, Pro Paz, Neosolar, Amazon Solar, AMAM, Fishermen’s Colony.