Rondon - Roosevelt - Expedition

Starting Date: 2013

Location: Mato Grosso State – Brazil

Objective: “The Rondon-Roosevelt Reunion” it´s the Pilot Project of the “Expeditions Program Pro Natura – Communicating Solutions” . The program aims to promote and share to a mass audience across the world a positive agenda focused on the dissemination of sustainable developed economies. It wants to communicate above all a message of hope.

Pro Natura’s Role:  Creator and Coordinator

Narrative: A century after the first structured incursion of the white man – made by Marshal Rondon and Theodore Roosevelt – into the Pantanal and the Amazon, responsible for starting the process of development of this region, our explorers accept the challenge of reviving this adventure and will record economic, cultural and environmental, development, presenting the main models of sustainable economic initiatives in the north center of the country.

Achievements: Design of the Expedition´s concept; Partnership with Film Producer LC Barreto; Mapping of the Logisitcs made by the Brazilian Army; Mapping of Projects focused on Sustainable Development as examples of real solutions; Materials for dissemination (video, images, etc.)

Partners: LC Barreto; Forest Comunication; Brazilian Army; Ministry of Culture of the State of Mato Grosso; American Embassy; Mimoso´s City Hall.