Aconcagua I - Expedition

Date: December 1985 to January 1986

Location: First Brazilian expedition to mount Aconcagua (~7.000m altitude, Chile/Argentina) producing a TV documentary joined by a film crew.

Organization: Federal University of Rio de Janeiro – Sports medicine, physiology and geography departments.

Goals: Hypobaric medical study: Altitude performance of 11 individuals with different motivations and functions during the expedition. Fear study, with specific measurements over some of the 11 individuals. Concentration capacity and mind sharpness at altitude on the 11 individuals. Technical analysis on performances of different equipments on extreme conditions of altitude for manufacturers/sponsors: Toyota vehicles, Goodyear tires, Recaro seats, special winches, Agrale motorcycles, Lacom Shwitzer turbo compressors. 

Phase: 1st phase: Understanding existing problems – exploration / discovery expeditions (1980-1994).