The Research Center is incubated within the UPTEC, Technology Center of the University of Porto. Today more than ever, Porto has a vibrant and fast-growing ecosystem of knowledge, innovation and entrepreneurship. Porto is becoming one of the main hubs of startups in Europe, and technology companies increasingly choosing the city to base their headquarters.


By giving people the right tools to lead a productive life, we can help them achieve better living conditions.

We will not obtain good results if we do not dedicate ourselves to promoting the information and knowledge of the local citizens about their territories, their capacities, vulnerabilities and resiliencies.

The world is at different levels of socio-economic development and unfortunately most communities are still in very vulnerable stages. We must promote programs that address the promotion of this development in a responsible and sustainable manner, leading to progress and prosperity through collaborative commitments, an inclusive and visionary citizenship, leading to a change in the paradigm of civilization.