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The development of a digital technology will enhance the connectivity of the communities involved in the different programs where PNI operates. First of all, it will allow direct access to a large number of excluded individuals.

This digital tool will allow monitoring the different communities, systematizing information, supporting training programs, especially in case of small farmers, monitoring the evolution of crops and production chains. The integration of agricultural production chains will not only allow the improvement of productive and commercial performance, but also the improvement of socio-professional conditions of the small farmers involved, creating an Innovative, Sustainable and Socially Conscious Productive Value Chain. (CAPISCE Program)

It will be possible to measure the real social impact of a commercial activity implemented in a sustainable way capable of generating wealth at different levels of performance.

The use of the technological tool will also be able to leverage a process of basic financial education (financial inclusion), which will provide small farmers with some relevant financial notions to guide them in the best way in their domestic accounting and in the application of their income from their work. It will offer financial services, presently not available to most.

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