PRO NATURA SMART assumes a commitment between innovation and technology, for the good! The use of new technologies offers us greater visibility and gives us greater focus and renewed attention to old problems.

The central focus of our work is to identify, develop and incorporate revolutionary technological solutions, using innovative and creative ways to overcome problems of social inequality, injustice, discrimination and digital exclusion.

Framing these problems partly as a challenge to technological development can help leverage the resources and attention needed to solve numerous problems of the most vulnerable communities. 

The problems we face today are never just technical, which means that the solutions to these problems cannot be just technical either. Solutions must be social, inclusive, plural and diverse.


Inclusion: Local communities, knowledge and leadership are essential for positive and sustainable social change.

Participatory Model: Our work is stronger and generates more commitment when it involves different perspectives and the local community.

Autonomy: Local communities must make and be responsible for their own decisions in pursuit of positive social change.

Humanity: Technology must be driven by shared human values.

Persistence: Sustainable impact happens through continuous learning at the service of others.

Pro Natura Smart contributes to following SDGs: